Day trip to SAN BLAS ISLANDS + Transportation from Panama City.

Visit the San Blas Islands on a day trip not to be missed. Swim in crystal clear waters, eat delicious food and relax on these beautiful islands.

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San-Blas tour Panama

Tour + Lunch and drinks.
Visit two (2) islands + natural pool

Visit San Blas with us and get to know our ALL INCLUSIVE San Blas in Guna Yala, a day trip, these islands are known for their turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, sunbathing and swimming in the islands on this day trip from Panama City. 

Do not miss the opportunity and book now. Guna Yala has a warm and humid climate throughout the year, with an average temperature between 29 and 32ºC makes any season perfect to enjoy a few days in the islands of Guna Yala Panama.

One of the best tours in Panama to visit islands like: small dog island, big dog island, devil island, pelican island, turtle island among other beautiful islands of San Blas, this is one of the best excursions to visit this wonderful place because our activity to San Blas is complete and 100% organized.

Make the most of every moment of your trip. Avoid complications and book in advance. Cancel up to 24 hours before the activity and receive a full refund. Easy booking via WhatsApp.

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Price / Tariff

$120 USD │ Daily Tours


* Children under 5 years old, FREE

* Children 5 years and older pay full rate.

* Does not include regional taxes:

(7$ Panamanians and residents | 22$ foreigners)

Day trip to Guna Yala

The best tours and trips to San Blas Islands in Panama City.

San Blas Tours is the Top 1 Guna Yala Tours Agency in Panama.


Full Daytour San Blas

Beautiful white sand islands ( Guna Yala )


Roundtrip 4x4 ground transportation
➢ Passengers are picked up at their residence or hotel from 5:00 am to 5:30 am. as long as they are located in a central and easily accessible area..
Roundtrip boat transfer.
➢ We will transfer you from the Guna Yala (San Blas) region, specifically from the Niga Kantule Niga Kantule port, to the agreed island, which will have a shared bathroom.
Tours to two (2) islands + natural swimming pool (sand bank).
➢ The tour will take place as long as the conditions or inclement weather, are suitable for your safety.
1 Lunch with a soft drink.
➢ You can choose between whole fish, fish fillet or fried chicken accompanied with coconut rice, patacones or french fries.
Personal guide during all the tours.
➢ He will keep you informed of the departure for the tour of the same.

Top 1: Best boardwalks in the San Blas Islands.

The islands of Guna Yala have very fine white sand, the water is completely transparent and from the surface you can see a combination of turquoise tones, all this makes it one of the best beaches in Panama. Do not miss this opportunity and get to know the islands of San Blas with this tour.

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What is day tour?

It is a tour that you do in one day, where you know and can enjoy for a few hours the beaches of San Blas Guna Yala, also called “Full Day Trip“.

Passadia schedule:

➡️ Departure: 5:00 a.m.
⬅️ Return: 7:00 p. m.

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Road to the islands of the archipelago

During the tour you can observe (from the boat) several islands and small islets that are along the route, which have different sizes and peculiarities, among them:

* Pelican Island

* Turtle Island

* Big Dog Island

* Diablo Island

* Chichime Island

* Aguja Island

* Wailidub Island

* Sunken Ship Small Dog Island among other islands.

A guide shares some facts about Guna history and the islands that make up the San Blas archipelago.

San Blas Islands represent one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Panama. The tours to the San Blas Islands have acquired a great position in tourism. Both national and foreign tourists consider that visiting some of these islands is a memorable and unique experience.

Stay at the Beach
This is the time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of San Blas for several hours; you take lunch at noon consisting of fish, salad, rice with coconut and a drink at the island’s restaurant.

The winds of the Caribbean Sea take over the 365 islands that make up this archipelago, whose nearest city is Panama. If you have come to visit this city, you can not miss the opportunity to visit some of these islands, to enjoy its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

In addition, all the passages for Guna Yala San Blas guarantee, in the first place, the adventure of traveling by boat in the middle of the sea. Then, when the trip concludes, you arrive at the mainland to enjoy the entertainment alternatives offered by the place.

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This tourist destination is first and foremost a paradise in the world. This is the perfect place to be in good spirits during the whole day, swim or walk enjoying the spectacular view. You can rest on hammocks facing the expanse of the sea, whose waters are crystal clear and calm.

This paradisiacal island, due to the charm of its beaches and the combination of nature and tranquility, is a true paradise.

Keep these points in mind:

* Make sure you are clear about all the information, schedules and what is included in the tour, if you still have any doubts you can call our number +507-6161-8271.

* Always book in advance, especially if you are traveling in high season, otherwise you run the risk of running out of space.

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A trip to Guna Yala will be unlike any vacation you have experienced in the past. You will be able to explore the local customs and cuisine. Please note that there is no WiFi access or credit card payments on the islands, the US dollar ($) is the only form of payment accepted. Accommodations are thatched huts, wooden huts with wooden or sand floors, no hot water. you can do a camping tour and rent tents or hammocks. However, one of the most popular places to stay is aboard a sailboat: this option will allow you to sail from island to island, instead of choosing just one.


Swim in the beautiful crystal clear, turquoise waters and learn about the culture and traditions of the Guna people. Tour several islands in San Blas and consider a stop in El Porvenir, the capital of Guna Yala; enjoy incredible snorkeling in Isla Perro; get to know Playa Chichimei, popular among backpackers; or take a day trip (pasadia en san blas) to other impressive islands, such as Banedub or Robinson. When it’s time to eat, enjoy the local cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, prepared with local spices and ingredients.


The islands of Guna Yala measure a little more than 1 Hectare, with natural foliage of coconut trees that give them a very tropical appearance. Their huts made of white cane, vines and reed roofs show a distinctive picture of the Guna lifestyle.


All the islands offer multiple and varied activities:
* Bonfires on the beach
* Beach games, such as volleyball and soccer
* Snorkeling
* Canoe rides around the island * Visiting a community and experiencing their lifestyle and more
* Meet a community and experience their way of life and more


Each island is managed by a family or group, for which an entrance fee of between $2.00 and $5.00 is charged. Some islands are dedicated exclusively to cabin rentals or tent camping. Others only accept visitors who want to camp as “survivors” and snorkel.


How to get there?
From Panama City, you can reach Cartí, the main port of the Guna Yala Islands, by off-road van. The 2.5 hour trip will take you on a scenic journey through the central mountain range. From Cartí, you can reach each island by boat in about 20 minutes.

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