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The islands of Guna Yala in Panama, one of the most important ecotourism destinations in the world.
It is home to the Guna indigenous group who have been in charge of preserving their culture and tradition as well as protecting their islands: Chichime, Ina, Diablo, Cayos Holandeses, Aroma, Perro Chico, Piscina natural among many others.

A warm and humid climate all year round, with an average temperature between 29 and 32ºC makes any season perfect to enjoy a few days in the islands of Guna Yala Panama.

Tropical climate, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters invite you to enjoy romantic sunsets and relax with the beauty of the landscape, you will have the opportunity to snorkel, scuba dive, kayak and more. Come and fall in love with Guna Yala.
Guna Yala is one of Panama’s best kept secrets. San Blas are wonderful islands located in the Caribbean Sea that is considered one of the destinations that anyone should visit before they die. Travel and explore the beautiful islands of Guna Yala with our customized tours and vacation packages.

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Beautiful white sandy islands

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Probably the simplest and most correct way to define the islands of San Blas is to say that they are a paradise on earth. In this guide we want to let you know the basic details for traveling to San Blas: how much it costs, how to get there, when to travel, what to do and much more.

Travel to the beautiful islands of San Blas in Panama. Enjoy unforgettable days on the stunning islands and beaches where you can relax, snorkel or just work on your tan. As you travel, you will be able to observe a landscape full of jungles, forests and rivers, which give you the idea that you are really in a paradise. The place is pure, with its wild touch, where indigenous families will invite you to their parties and celebrations. The delicious meals are prepared with the catch of the day. Simply unforgettable. San Blas must be experienced.



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A day trip to San Blas, Guna Yala! Panama

$120 / Per person

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  • Panama City

Have fun and explore a day trip in San Blas Enjoy a perfect day in san blas with our day tour packages. it is all inclusive, you only have to worry about enjoying your stay and the perfect beaches of san blas. Meet our San Blas day trip, these islands are known for their turquoise […]

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Day Trip to Diablo Island San Blas – Without Transfer 4×4

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  • 1 day
  • Panama City

Have fun and explore a Pasadía in San Blas Enjoy a perfect day in san blas with our day tour packages. it is all inclusive, you only have to worry about enjoying your stay and the perfect beaches of san blas. Meet our San Blas day trip, these islands are known for their turquoise waters […]

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Visit Guna Yala

Paradise defined in two words: San Blas. An archipelago of tropical islands in the Caribbean of Panama with crystal clear waters, palm trees and white sand surrounded by coral reefs. The Guna people. Independent, with their own laws and language, they live isolated and without luxuries, they welcome us in their huts and cabins designed for tourists.

In the Guna Yala islands - as they call their land - there are 365 islands, one for each day of the year. Getting to this paradise is not easy, as there are no land connections. There are only boats from Cartí and an airstrip in El Porvenir. If you want to know this hidden paradise in Panama do not hesitate to contact us or purchase your package directly on our website.


Popular Islands

Perfect Islands located in the Panamanian Caribbean, also known as the Guna Yala region is a necklace of coral islands, which has become one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in the Central American and Caribbean region.


San Blas Special Offers

San Blas Tours Panama

A trip to Guna Yala will be unlike any vacation you have experienced in the past. You will be able to explore the local customs and cuisine. Please note that there is no WiFi access or credit card payments on the islands, the US dollar ($) is the only form of payment accepted. Accommodations are thatched huts, wooden huts with wooden or sand floors, no hot water. you can do a camping tour and rent tents or hammocks. However, one of the most popular places to stay is aboard a sailboat: this option will allow you to sail from island to island, instead of choosing just one.


Swim in the beautiful crystal clear, turquoise waters and learn about the culture and traditions of the Guna people. Tour several islands in San Blas and consider a stop in El Porvenir, the capital of Guna Yala; enjoy incredible snorkeling in Isla Perro; get to know Playa Chichimei, popular among backpackers; or take a day trip (pasadia en san blas) to other impressive islands, such as Banedub or Robinson. When it’s time to eat, enjoy the local cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, prepared with local spices and ingredients.


The islands of Guna Yala measure a little more than 1 Hectare, with natural foliage of coconut trees that give them a very tropical appearance. Their huts made of white cane, vines and reed roofs show a distinctive picture of the Guna lifestyle.


All the islands offer multiple and varied activities:
* Bonfires on the beach
* Beach games, such as volleyball and soccer
* Snorkeling
* Canoe rides around the island * Visiting a community and experiencing their lifestyle and more
* Get to know a community and experience their lifestyle and more


Each island is managed by a family or group, for which an entrance fee of between $2.00 and $5.00 is charged. Some islands are dedicated exclusively to cabin rentals or tent camping. Others only accept visitors who want to camp as “survivors” and snorkel.


How to get there?
From Panama City, you can reach Cartí, the main port of the Guna Yala Islands, by off-road van. The 2.5 hour trip will take you on a scenic journey through the central mountain range. From Cartí, you can reach each island by boat in about 20 minutes.

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